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Silverlining - more than just bookkeeping combines the strengths of the new online cloud technologies with the experience and knowledge of professional accountancy payroll practitioners.

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Silverlining Online Systems

All the best advisors will tell you ''Starting out or running a business is challenging. It's important to put your finances and administration in order from the outset to save time, money and stress at a later date.''

We have gone all the way to help by providing really simple-to-use online bookkeeping systems that help you keep well-ordered records which are accessible 24 - 7.  Secure but online means you, your staff and your accountant can use the system anytime, anywhere.  All you need is Internet access. Suitable for very small to medium size businesses.  Learn more about our systems.

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Silverlining Services

As chartered accountants and small business advisors we harness the benefits of online working  to deliver a range of cost effective services to suit your business.

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"My Daddy does my books from his home
The Photographer

- it's all online with Silverlining". When I raise invoices in the studio he will see them appear on the system - so he will know how much money is to be collected.
Oh yes - he does like to run a tight ship!"

Anytime, anywhere - just as long as there is
an internet connection - I can use Silverlining to look at how the business is performing overall or in detail by branch. It keeps me in control and I do not get hit with a crisis as soon as I walk back into the office!
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MD, Security Systems Contractor

Choosing an Accountant

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Silverlining Tax tip

Tax losses in setting up a new business. In a sole trade or partnership, a repayment of tax can be claimed if losses in the course of business arise in any of the first 4 years of trading.  This may be particularly relevant where there are high set-up costs.  The rules allow losses to be matched against income, including salary from other employments, arising in the 3 years prior.